Diana Warner

, 37214

While spending six weeks in Africa, Diana realized another juxtaposition- the natural beauty of the third-world areas of the globe and it's stark contrasts to the devastation left by extreme poverty and disease. Her heart began to gain awareness, not only for a problem, but also of an understanding that it was not hopeless. Every person has been given gifts, talents, and passions; these are things that can be harvested and used to fight for a cause. Wars are not won by one person or with one weapon; wars are won by a large amount of people working together for a cause. Diana believes once her eyes were opened to the devastation that AIDS and extreme poverty leave, she has to respond. By using her gifts and talents to serve people, to create jobs through the production of her design, and by giving her time and passions to the fight against AIDS and extreme poverty. Diana believes she can offer the public excellent design wile aiding in the fight to which she has been called.

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